LEVI'S®︎ x NIGO® Capsule Collection

LEVI'S®︎ x NIGO® Capsule Collection

From July 9 (Fri.) at 11:00, LEVI'S®︎ x NIGO® capsule collection will be available for purchase on a limited basis. This collection consists of two items: the TYPE II TRUCKER JACKET, which is a faithful reproduction of the 1950s vintage Levi's®︎ 507XX owned by NIGO®, and the 1915 model 501® xx jeans.

The color fading, tears, fraying, and other damage from aging, as well as the details fromNIGO’s® original garments have been faithfully recreated down to the the fabric and the number of stitches, sold in collectable packaging and individually numbered. Limited to 100 pieces worldwid


PRICE:¥96,800 (WITH TAX)


On 2021, July 9 (FRI)11:00 will release on HUMAN MADE ONLINE STORE.


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